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ame the practice of "m

e practice of exchanging access to a domestic market with the opportunity to use the t

arket fo▓r te
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echnology of a mor

e developed nation. China is just one of the countries that have us▓ed this approach to attract foreign investment, but it has ▓been rec

o not defame t

he prac▓tice

ently singled out for crit

icism because of it, so▓ it is necessary to set the record straight▓.The United States attaches great importance to international scient

of "market for


ific and technological c

ooperation. As early as 1999▓, the National Science and Technology Council said in its annual report that the United States relies on int

-14-2018 10:57

ernat▓ional scientific and technological cooperation ▓to mai

BJTNote: ▓The followin

ntain its national security and its position as a world leader

g is an edited transla

. In addition to learning from ▓other countries, the United

tion of a comm

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-initiated trade

States uses its capacity for innovation to consolidate its technological leadership by attracting intellectuals. It's well known that the United States accepted a large

s (鍥介檯閿愯瘎)".Recently, Ch▓ina-U.S. trade frictions intensified as the United States put in its crosshairs th